Four Corners of Faith:Finding our Spiritual Home in Life

Four Corners of Faith: Finding our spiritual home in life

This workshop is for anyone in a time of transition or wanting to have a clearer understanding of how God speaks to us. Seeking a new minister? Church attendance declining or growing? This workshop is helpful for a number of situations faith communities face.

This two day, four session workshop, is held in your own faith community or community center anywhere in Great Britain or Germany.  This workshop is for anyone seeking to renew or develop their faith, or, understand how God is working in our lives and what areas of growth are waiting to be explored. The basis of our workshop looks at how Scripture, Experience, Tradition and Reason interact with each other to have better relationships with God, others and ourselves.

This workshop is good for

  • churches in transition (closing, amalgamating, growing or seeking new leadership)
  • churches in times of tension
  • faith communities seeking better church meetings
  • sermon preparation
  • leadership development of lay and clergy leaders
  • faith communities wanting to find out where their strengths are and build on them

How it works

  • The workshop is both small and large group work
  • It is best to do this in the building of the faith community to incorporate the context into the discussion
  • Works best with a minimum of 12 people and a maximum of 48 people
  • for those interested, the workshop will close with a worship service incorporating everything we have learned

This workshop happens where you live, anywhere in Great Britain or Germany.  For more information on workshop costs and availability, please contact me at




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